Google I0 2013, watch Live

Watch Google IO Live 2013 brought to you by . " Be inspired by the tech world's latest web, mobile and social breakthroughs to create simple, life-improving technologies and viable businesses among a rich and diverse community of cutting edge developers. "


Keynote Your attendance at Google I/O's much-anticipated kickoff event will give you a first glimpse at the latest product and platform innovations at Google. Get there early for front row seats to the official conference welcome.


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Proven Search Engine Optimization Techniques That Yield An Immediate ROI
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Consider Our Search Engine Optimization Plans, our strategic search engine placement solution for companies that view their Web properties as primary tools in their marketing. You’ll enjoy all the benefits that come from the best online branding practices and search engine positioning strategies benefits that drive traffic to your Web site.


Search Marketing Services

Search Engine Marketing is to help your Customers Find or Search for what you are Selling. Having the right Search Marketing plan is crucial in Online Success. Strategically places Advertisements that in Front of your customers when they are actually looking or thinking to purchase something.

Genn Search can help to drive Direct Quality Traffic to your website with the proper Search Marketing Techniques.


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Why is Social Media is important for your business, GennSearch will show you how to start engaging in social media to reach more customers.


Website Usability


Website Usability: Enhance the usability of the site so as to ensure better conversions. The biggest problem being faced by webmasters is lack of conversions. The average conversion rate on the web today is 2% while sites designed with proper usability has conversions of up to 16% Benefits: Generate high conversion and positive ROI (The biggest problem being faced by webmasters today is lack of conversions. The average conversion rate on the web today is 2% while sites designed with proper usability has conversions of up to 18% and more).site.


Learn [SEO] Search Engine Optimization | D.I.Y SEO


Do you want to optimize your own site? We will be happy to provide you with an evaluation for your website's search engine compatibility. Aside from this, we will deliver you a detailed report with recommended strategies. Simply contact us to get an SEO consultation from one of our SEO experts. Our SEO experts can provide you with a detailed report about your website’s performance on search engines.


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